Hôtel Rollan De By*** - 3 Route du Haut Condissas - 33340 BEGADAN

Places of Interest

The region has many secret places to discover… And at mealtime, you will sure have the opportunity to treat yourself with regional specialties.

The church of Saint-Saturnin in Bégadan

Remarkable bedside and capitals of the Romanesque apse of the twelfth century. The oldest parts of the building still show rich ornaments on the outside. The sanctuary is one of the best preserved and most beautiful of Gironde.

The Richard Lighthouse and Museum

At 12 km, Richard Lighthouse is a museum about life in the Estuary of Gironde since the nineteenth century, oyster farming, fishing and markups. From the top of the lighthouse tower, you’ll have a wonderful panoramic view over the estuary.

The remains of the Abbaye de L’Isle (Ordonnac)

The abbey was founded in the XI or XII century. It is a college of canons regular. The first statement concerning the building is an épistaphe. The abbey is in ruins from 1708. Today, only a few elements remain; wall bedside, fortified gate, moat and ruins of monastic buildings… The trails surrounding the Abbey make it a great place for walking.