Hôtel Rollan De By*** - 3 Route du Haut Condissas - 33340 BEGADAN

Medoc Vineyards

Over a thousand castles dot the territory of Médoc … It’s the perfect place for discoveries and olfactory pleasures for the amateur of wine. Formerly a land without vines, the Médoc is now one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world. To produce a fabulous wine, you need exceptional wine grapes … Your stay will be the opportunity to discover the work and mastery of men who bring these vines to express their most intense personalities to get unique wines.

Rollan de By Vineyards

Rollan de By is a set of 458 acres vineyard and produces 9 wines of quality, recognized and rewarded on numerous occasions; Château Haut Condissas, Château Rollan de By, Château Tour Seran, Château La Clare, Château Greysac, Château DuMonthil, Château de By, La Rose de By and Rollan de By Rosé.

To discover the treasures found in our area, let yourself be tempted by a tasting, “Rollan de By is a companion full of humor and fantasy. It’s a charmer that one wants to follow in his secret garden full of scents and flavors. In its refinement and elegance, he is the image of the “bon vivant” and friend who will never disappoint you. Faithfully, he will accompany you in your travels and share in the good mood the different cuisines that you might impose. A friend, a real one!” .

Discovering some “Grand Cru châteaux" and smaller properties…

There are 5 families of “crus” in the Medoc region ; classified Grand Cru 1855, Cru Bourgeois, Cru Artisan, the Crus and other wines from Caves Cooperatives. 

Saint Estephe, Margaux, St. Julien are evocative names of famous wines … Looking through the Route des Châteaux of the Medoc, you could have the opportunity of entering wineries whose reputation is well established. But visiting a Château in the Médoc, is to first meet the winemaker for a great moment of friendship … and understand the essence of the wine, its secrets, its history … That’s why we will recommend you also visit smaller properties.